Good Fences Make Great Neighbors – Fence Installation Lafayette, IN

Having neighbors is one of life’s greatest enjoyments. However, an unhappy neighbor can ruin your entire suburban experience. Here are a few great ideas to keep your neighbors as happy as a lark.

A Recipe for Happy Neighbors – Fence Installation in Lafayette, IN 

1. Aim the Baseballs AWAY from the House Next Door

Little Jimmy LOVES practicing his baseball skills, and he’s sure that someday he’ll be a professional. Unfortunately, little Jimmy’s aim is comparable to a mechanical bull rider attempting to throw a needle through a cheerio that’s 500 yards away. In other words, Jimmy has a habit of hitting everything BUT a baseball bat when he throws baseballs. While little Jimmy is sweet, your neighbors may be pretty salty once they realize that half of the windows on their home have been the victim of a missed swing. However, with a fence installation in Lafayette, IN, Jimmy is less likely to strike out with the neighbors because the fence acts as a mediator to catch all of the flyaway balls. This way there won’t be any foul play.

2. Bake ALL the Cookies

If there’s one thing that brings all kinds of people together, it’s sugar and carbs. Forget about a cup of sugar, why not bake three dozen cookies for your neighbors? Peanut butter or chocolate chip cookies are highly suggested, but you can’t really go wrong with whatever kind of cookies you choose to bake – unless you choose oatmeal raisin. In that case you’ll probably have to move due to the neighbors mercilessly egging your house. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

3. Two Words: PAR.TAY.

Nothing says “turn up” in the suburbs like a good old-fashioned get together. Create some crafty invitations, grab six gallons of ice cream, an entire case of generic root beer from your local bargain mart, and turn up the tunes for your craaaazy party! And by crazy, we mean three hours of root beer floats and quite possibly a very rowdy game of Disney Trivia. You’ll be the neighborhood party animal.

4. Speaking of Animals, Control Your Pups

Finally, keep an eye on your animals. If you have a new puppy who runs away faster than Usain Bolt after three Red Bulls, a fence installation in Lafayette, IN may be right for you. Animals can be barrels of fun, but neighbors probably don’t want your pets frolicking through their petunias.

These are just a few ways you and your neighbors can become BFF’s. However, while some people assume that fence installation in Lafayette, IN might distance them from neighbors, it actually has the opposite effect. Fences allow your personal life—like your dogs, baseball-bat–swinging-children, and even those horrifying shorts your husband wears when he’s working in the backyard—to STAY personal. This way when your neighbors do see you, you and your yard will be a sparkling ray of sunshine.

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