Hoosier Summer – Lawn Mowing Service in Lafayette, IN

Excess grass clippings have just finished painting the beat-up tennis shoes you wear when it’s time to cut the grass. The backwards baseball cap is soaked with sweat, and the sun is starting to set. After you put away the equipment, you reach for a cold beer from the fridge and head to your back porch. Your wife fires up the grill, your kids set the table, and your dog rejoices as it runs through the work of art that is your tidy backyard. It’s been a long day, but now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the work you just put into your yard. Days like this make you think the summer will last forever and memories like this will never leave you.

But Life Gets in The Way

However, with a full time job, wife and kids, and a busy social calendar, cutting your lawn is a luxury that can turn into a headache when you don’t have time. When you’re pressed for time, the one chore you like becomes a chore you hate. But there is a way you can have the beautiful end product: Van Dame’s lawn-mowing services in Lafayette, Indiana.

Busy Schedule? No problem

Our lawn-mowing services in Lafayette, Indiana are able to fit your busy summertime schedule. Whether you’re at work or dropping the kids off at the pool, we can make it to your house, finish our work, and be out of the way in no time. Also, mowing your yard is only half of it. We also incorporate edging and string trimming as part of our mowing package if your yard requires it. It is hard to beat a crisp edged look to the area around your drive way or fence. As you conquer the busy tasks of your day, we are making your lawn look as pristine as possible. Our lawn-mowing services in Lafayette, Indiana aim to make your lawn the envy of all your neighbors.

Fertilizing, Power Washing, and Landscaping

While mowing your lawn is the “fun” summer chore, we know that fertilizing, power washing, and landscaping are not quite as illustrious. These added services can be a pain in most homeowner’s rear-ends but they no longer have to be. Even if you want to retain your autonomy on mowing your lawn, we are able to handle these more complex lawn care services.

Headache Free Summer Relaxation

Now picture this. After a long day of work and errands, you return to a house that has just been transformed into a perfectly manicured lawn. Instead of having to begrudgingly pull out the lawn mower, hedger, and fertilizer, you can relax with your family and enjoy the summer night. The sun is setting, your feet are up, and the day is over. 

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