Hoosier Summer – Lawn Mowing Service in Lafayette, IN

By karla | May 2, 2017

with a full time job, wife and kids, and a busy social calendar, cutting your lawn is a luxury that can turn into a headache when you don’t have time. When you’re pressed for time, the one chore you like becomes a chore you hate. But there is a way you can have the beautiful end product: Van Dame’s lawn-mowing services in Lafayette, Indiana.

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Spring Cleaning for Your Yard – Lawn Care Services in Lafayette, IN

By VanDame | Mar 17, 2017

Spring is almost here again, and with the beckoning of warmer weather comes the realization that it’s time to start cleaning out that closet again. However, spring cleaning doesn’t have to just apply to your house – it goes for your yard as well! Over the winter, soggy dead leaves, uprooted grass, and who-knows-what-else can accumulate in your yard.

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Good Fences Make Great Neighbors – Fence Installation Lafayette, IN

By VanDame | Feb 27, 2017

Having neighbors is one of life’s greatest enjoyments. However, an unhappy neighbor can ruin your entire suburban experience. Here are a few great ideas to keep your neighbors as happy as a lark.

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